Friday, January 3, 2014

Transformation of White Cardstock (or Patterned Papers) with Bling!!!

Good Morning! Chelsea here, I am super excited to kick start my first project of 2014 here at the ScraPerfect blog.

Before we get started you will need the following items:

-White Card Stock**
- Digital Paper Options
The Best Glue Ever
Embellie Gellie
Perfect Crafting Pouch
-Glitter / Embellishments (gems, dew drops, etc...)

(**This technique can also be completed using traditional patterned scrapbook paper!)

Today's project idea is turning white cardstock into dazzling embellished paper in a snap! It is fun, easy and affordable!

TIP : When printing digital paper it is best to prepare your paper/cardstock/vellum using the Perfect Crafting Pouch to ensure your ink is vibrant and won't smudge or bleed while printing. Using your Perfect Crafting Pouch, rub over the paper surface evenly before printing. 

Applying Glitter / Embellishments (gems, dew drops, etc.)

Step 1: Choose your paper (digital or traditional)

Step 2: Apply the BGE where you would like to add your glitter and/or embellishments

Step 3: Let the BGE dry CLEAR. Now apply your favorite glitter and/or embellishments.

To attach the embellishments I am using Embellie Gellie by ScraPerfect. It's easy to pick up and apply those gems and small embellishments with this quick pick up tool. If you plan to use glitter use your Perfect Crafting Pouch to prepare your paper first.

**NOTE** : If you are using gems, dew drops or other small embellishments it is best to pre-cut your paper to the size of your project as you won't be able to cut through your embellishment components after. This does not apply when you use glitter; most paper trimmers cut glitter paper with ease.

Creating your own embellished paper is as easy as 1, 2, 3!!! Mix and match with glitter and embellishments to create deluxe paper creations!

SAMPLES of Embellished Paper 

Thanks for stopping by the ScraPerfect blog, and Happy New Year!

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