Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tip : Best Cleaner Ever & Eyes

Good Morning! Chelsea here this morning to discuss about The Best Cleaner Ever and how safe it is around eyes! 

I know it's hard to believe that a cleaner that dissolves spray paint , inks , adhesive, etc can be gentle enough near or in the eyes. It is not recommended to get any products in or around eyes because of the sensitivity of our eye but if an accident occurs DO NOT PANIC.

I would like to share an experience I had a few weeks ago where I accidentally sprayed the cleaner in my eye as I was replacing the cap on my bottle. 

I was not paying attention to how I was placing the cap on my bottle of Best Cleaner Ever, and all of a sudden I pressed the cap into place and received a full spray of the liquid in my eye.  Once I realized what had happened I went straight to flush my eye out several times. I checked the bottle and it does say "Keep out of eyes".  (In fact that's the only health warning on the bottle!) Once I felt it was flushed enough I emailed the Owner/Creator Amy in regards to if this had ever been experienced before -- and she had not heard if someone ever got the product in their eye. I am happy to report that this product DID NOT irritate my eye in any manner ; redness, irritation, stinging, blurriness, etc. It simply blows me away that a solvent such as Best Cleaner Ever can dissolve just about anything but it did not harm my eye and is gentle for all parts of our body. 

Once again, it is not recommended to get the product in the eye but if you in the future ever experience a situation like mine do not panic. Flush it thoroughly(get medical treatment if necessary)--but from my experience this product was harmless!!!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, if you have any further questions please leave a comment below! 

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