Sunday, November 3, 2013

Home Decor - Thanksgiving (US)

Hello Chelsea here with a home decor project for your Thanksgiving table using The Best Glue EverEmbellie Gellie and The Perfect Crafting Pouch from ScraPerfect!

Supplies Needed :

- Canvas (purchased at Dollar store)
- Ink - Tim Holtz Destress Inks
- Vellum - Recollection
- Ribbon - 1.5" Brown Ribbed
-Stickers - Creative Memories Thanksgiving
- Thanksgiving Pattern Paper - Creative Memories Collection
- Leafs/Flowers
- Rhinestones 
The Best Glue Ever - ScraPerfect
Embellie Gellie - ScraPerfect
The Perfect Crafting Pouch - ScraPerfect

I would like to highlight  in this post how to ink the canvas, attach ribbon and how I created the vellum sentiment.

I started off using 2 Tim Hotlz detress inks (but you could use any inks - I found blending 2 colors with Tim Hotlz inks blend well.)

Attaching ribbon to projects is made easy thanks to The Best Glue Ever. It is not best to apply the wet glue directly to the ribbon due to the glue seeping into the fibers which leaves a wet look once dried. (I know this because it was the first way I did it and realized this wet mark and had to do it over). Apply the glue to the item in which the ribbon is being adhered to ie the canvas and using a sponge spread the glue evenly - DON'T FORGET THE SIDES OF THE CANVAS. Let the glue dry clear in which it will be SUPER tacky for the ribbon to adhere to OR you can create glue spots / lines shown in this video with the Best Glue Ever to attach to your project. This method is also used for attaching the leaves in the top left hand corner and flowers on the ribbon.

The next set of photos will describe the steps for creating the vellum sentiment. 

The pattern paper, blessings sentiment, and stickers were all attached using the Best Glue Ever. A reminder that not all stickers have a great adhesive and usually falls off. The Best Glue Ever will adhere your stickers to all materials. If it wasn't for Best Glue Ever I don't know how I would attach them to canvas!

Thanks for coming by, see you next time!

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